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Partnerships with our local government and municipalities are the backbone of Cross country Management Inc (CCM ) company of opportunity.

Through partnerships, we create a Network of resources. The economic development of Africa is our program or activities that seeks to improve the economic well- being and quality of  life for a community.

At CCM , we learn that Economic Development Strategies usually means thees important areas of concentration.

  • Business  attraction
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Business  creation

All of these are the responsibility of CCM in cooperation with government and local partners working together on strengthening the area economy.

Several industries have a significant economic impact in Africa in particular in Senegal none more so than Agriculture.
CCM has a department of agriculture with the cooperative efforts of all the municipalities and government support  and  and farmers, we dedicated to help the sector important in economic development business dealings.

Most companies that seek the partnership with CCM need to protect sensitive corporation information which, if made public, could significantly affect their profitability.

share prices, employee morale , or result in political pressures and corporate instability without a Confidentiality provision, most businesses would be unwilling to work with CCM , putting our Communities at a competitive disadvantage.

Above: Loading salt onto ships for transport.
Above: The former president of Senegal touring the site of the new Airport during construction.
Mr Macky Sall                                             Founder   &  President & Corporate Executive Officer
President of Republic of Senegal               Cross Country Management: Abdoulaye Thiam