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Fields of business opportunity:

Practices and techniques employed in agriculture to improve yields and productivity. Over the last few decades they have undergone big changes: tilling, sowing and harvesting have become increasingly mechanised, and the methods of applying fertilisers and pesticides have become more sophisticated. Many changes within the agricultural system can be summed up by “intensification”. The result and aim of intensification has been to achieve increases in production, yields and labour productivity in agriculture



Teachers love EducationCity because it’s user-friendly and provides a wealth of automatically-generated data. Ideal for interactive whiteboards, EducationCity web-based activities allow for whole-class instruction as well as differentiated learning in small groups or even . Use in the classroom or in the computer lab for reinforcement and enrichment.


Business and Finance:

Arrive on time for meetings since time and punctuality are important. In the Northeast and Midwest, people are extremely punctual and view it as a sign of disrespect for someone to be late for a meeting or appointment. In the Southern and Western states, people may be a little more relaxed, but to be safe, always arrive on time, although you may have to wait a little before your meeting begins. Meetings may appear relaxed, but they are taken quite seriously. With the emphasis on controlling time, business is conducted rapidly. Expect very little small talk before getting down to business. If there is an agenda, it will be followed. At the conclusion of the meeting, there will be a summary of what was decided, a list of who will implement which facets and a list of the next steps to be taken and by whom. It is common to attempt to reach an oral agreement at the first meeting. The emphasis is on getting a contract signed rather than building a relationship. The relationship may develop once the first contract has been signed.



The healthcare sector in Africa is showing signs of remarkable improvement as the quality of hospitals and the availability of qualified doctors has dramaticaly improved over the last few years. By making the transformation from traditional medicine to a modern and well structured healthcare system, many African countries have been able to meet the growing demands for quality healthcare services for their people

.All government efforts as well as the public and private hospital sectors in Africa are dedicating their energies towards making healthcare more accessible and affordable for the general population of Africa.



We all know the world has its problems, particularly where the environment is concerned. But not too many of us know the details, and the stories behind those problems. On our website, many environmental problems, effects and disasters are described. Here, these are summarized.

Originally, the organization’s main focus was around water disinfection, oxidation and recycling technologies. During CCM’s development the necessary surrounding technologies such as fine filtration, biofiltration and odor control were included in the scope of competence and delivery.



There is probably one thing that we can all agree on: the worlds energy reserves are not unlimited. Actually that’s not strictly true, there is a near unlimited supply of energy coming from the sun but we are pretty bad at converting it into useful energy. Look around and ask yourself how much things will change in the near future. It is pretty certain that we will run out of gas in your lifetime. Quite when it will happen is up for debate but a guess of around twenty years would probably be pretty close. That’s not long considering that, certainly in Africa, a good portion of houses have only gas powered  and cooking.